Pempamsie Brixton

Over 20 years strong

As we know Brixton is a changing environment there’s lots of gentrification going on not just in brixton but all over London. We’ve noticed particularly in Brixton, our customer base has changed over the years and we now have a wider range of customer.

We are open 6 days week and sometimes in the future we are looking to open 7 days a week. Were open from 9 – 7pm and we’re here to serve you.

From common ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancers, fibroids, eczema we have natural remedies that deal with all of those things.

Everything we stock is chemical free, it is natural.

We specialise in all products for the African family, whether it be for your health and well being in terms of herbal products or supplements and medicine that are here to deal with all of the issues we suffer from as a community.

Pempamsie Brixton

102 Brixton Hill,
London SW2 1AH
Call US: +44 20 8671 0800


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