Face Wash – Neem & Tea Tree 200ml Tube



Oily skin doesn’t need hard scrubbing, just Ayumi’s special formulations to remove the oil carefully. Neem and Tea Tree have natural antibacterial properties that soothe and clean your skin, while Peppermint Oil leaves it feeling fresh and moisturised.


Purifying & clarifying for oily skin. With neem, tea tree & peppermint oils. Paraben free formula. Neem & tea tree face wash. Enriched with Neem and Tea Tree oils, well known for their anti-bacterial properties and Peppermint oil to keep skin refreshed. A herbal formulation that gently removes impurities and cleanses the skin. The Ayuuri Natural skin care range is based on the traditional fruit, plant and flower extracts of Ayurveda that have been used for centuries in India to make skin naturally beautiful. Ayuuri Natural are against animal testing


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